Our Program Elements

Take the Climb

Altitude Launch

• High-energy student assembly
• Guide-map to Altitude school year programs

Altitude Projects


• Deeper dive into Altitude Workshop themes
• Service and Media Project design and execution
• Creating Video and Audio Commercials
• Positive Social Media Messaging

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Challenge Day

• Full-Day In-School Assembly
• Celebration of truth, diversity & full expression
• Builds connection and empathy


• 3-Day interactive in-school workshop
• Builds self-esteem and self acceptance
• Promotes compassion and altruism
• Themes: Self Awareness, Gratitude & Service
Community Service

Community Service
• Hands on service though Pass It Along
• Service led by youth
• Pre-flection/Reflection

Altitude Rally

• End of year high-energy assembly
• Students are celebrate Taking The Climb
• Reinforcement of Altitude program elements & key messages

Altitude is an empowerment program for 8th graders in Sussex County, inspiring students to “Take The Climb” toward their highest and best selves.
The Altitude program helps students to develop life skills, believe in their own strength and goodness, and feel excited about using their time and talent in service to others.

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